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The Hill Hall (504A), Smith Hall (504B) and 20 parking spots at Bradley (508) will be CLOSED on Wednesday, 8, 2017 and will REOPEN on Thursday, February 9, 2017 for the Rutgers Board of Governors meeting. All Rutgers Faculty and Staff utilizing the Hill Hall and Smith Hall parking lots are advised to use alternative parking lots: MEC (502),Essex (506) and *Deck 3 garage located at 180 Washington St. corner Raymond Blvd (access card required).

Employees should therefore use alternative routes to park at any of the above-mentioned locations. We apologize for the inconvenience.
* Visit Blumenthal Hall Suite 105 to get access card. 


Commuters with active Prepaid RUN Pass permit or Zone L permit can park at our latest student parking located at 272 New Street (Between Lock St. and Wilsey St.) immediately. Commuters with a Pay-As-You-Go permits must come to the Parking Office and upgrade your permit for a one-time fee of $70 to cover the rest of the year at the “New Street Lot”. There is no daily fee at the lot.

The RUN RUN, Campus Connect and Penn Station Local shuttle bus has stops near this lot In addition, this lot is also easily walked through the NJIT campus (7 minute walk from the Lot to PRCC).



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Bike/Locker Rental Program

Bike Loaner:

The Bike Rental Program is provided for the enjoyment and recreation of the Rutgers community. Whether for a personal errand, a leisurely retreat, or an opportunity to get some exercise, the rental program can be accessed for up to 4 hours per rider simply by leaving your Rutgers-Newark ID card with the Parking Manager and signing an agreement form.

Bike Rental:

Bike rental reservations are available on a first come, first serve basis and required to be notified in advanced. Any reservation that has not been claimed within 45 minutes after its start time will be forfeited and a new reservation must be made. Renters must complete a Bicycle Condition Form prior to signing-out the bicycle. The form must be shared with and verified by the Parking Manager upon acceptance and return of the bicycle by the user.

To make a reservation, please contact

Jasmine Gendrano, Program Coordinator

Bike rental costs

  • $10 Monthly
  • $25 Semester

A $25.00 refundable security deposit is associated with all rentals. The security deposit will be refunded in full given that the bike is returned on or before the expiration date. If the bike is returned anytime after, the security deposit will be prorated based on the time it was returned.


Rutgers-Newark and the CTPS strongly recommend that all users wear bicycle helmets while riding the bicycles. Borrowers may use their own helmets or have one issued to them by the Parking Manager. Any borrower declining the use of a RU-N bike helmet must indicate so on the Bicycle Condition form and agrees that Rutgers University will be held harmless for their exercise of that prerogative.

Locker Rentals:

Rutgers-Newark has constructed a "Bike Park" for its campus community that is equipped with 24 bike lockers for long term/overnight bicycle storage, a bike rack for short term/hourly bicycle storage, a park bench, and four tables for outdoor dining, studying or socializing. The bike park is located at 154 University Avenue, directly across the street from University Square and the Subway sandwich shop. The bike park remains well-lighted throughout the night time hours and monitored through surveillance cameras 24/7 for the safety of the bikes, the bike lockers, and any individual choosing to enjoy the bike park.

Renting a Bike Locker:

Bike locker rentals are available for

  • Single semester (September 1 through January 15 or January 16 through May 31)
  • Two semesters/sessions (September 1 through May 31 or January 16 through August 31)
  • Summer sessions only (May 31 through August 31).

The locker rental costs are as follows:

  • Semester Rental: $25.00
  • Fall and Spring Semester Combined Rental $40.00
  • Summer Semester Rental $10.00
  • One Year Rental (12 months from start date of rental)$50.00

Persons interested in renting a locker can do so by stopping by the CTPS office at Blumenthal Hall - Suite 105. Renters will be issued a locker number and a key for which they are responsible to return upon the end of their contracted term. Renters are expected to contact the CTPS office immediately in the event an issue arises concerning the bike locker and/or the bike locker key.


Commuter Transit and Parking Services encourages all prospective users to review the policies and procedures, and be respectful of and adhere to all best practices as they relate to bicycle safety. We hope that you will be responsible in your usage of the bicycles and enjoy the many rewards of the Rutgers-Newark Bike Loaner/Rental Program.

Note: Please read through the following documents carefully.

RU-N Bicycle Policy and Safety Tips

Lost/Damaged Bicycles, Locker or Key

Bicycle Condition Form

Bike condition replacement cost

Easy Steps to Properly Fit a Bicycle Helmet

Bikeability Check List

Bicycle Manual