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The Hill Hall (504A), Smith Hall (504B) and 20 parking spots at Bradley (508) will be CLOSED on Wednesday, 8, 2017 and will REOPEN on Thursday, February 9, 2017 for the Rutgers Board of Governors meeting. All Rutgers Faculty and Staff utilizing the Hill Hall and Smith Hall parking lots are advised to use alternative parking lots: MEC (502),Essex (506) and *Deck 3 garage located at 180 Washington St. corner Raymond Blvd (access card required).

Employees should therefore use alternative routes to park at any of the above-mentioned locations. We apologize for the inconvenience.
* Visit Blumenthal Hall Suite 105 to get access card. 


Commuters with active Prepaid RUN Pass permit or Zone L permit can park at our latest student parking located at 272 New Street (Between Lock St. and Wilsey St.) immediately. Commuters with a Pay-As-You-Go permits must come to the Parking Office and upgrade your permit for a one-time fee of $70 to cover the rest of the year at the “New Street Lot”. There is no daily fee at the lot.

The RUN RUN, Campus Connect and Penn Station Local shuttle bus has stops near this lot In addition, this lot is also easily walked through the NJIT campus (7 minute walk from the Lot to PRCC).



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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I Want To Park In Campus. What Do I Need? 

A: To use any of the Rutgers-Newark parking facilities, you need to have a VALID RUTGERS PARKING PERMIT (“Permit”) which consists of a hangtag  for your registered vehicle. If you have a Prepaid RUN Pass permit you will receive a white HID card which is your access card to all student parking locations. The white validation card is the discount card that comes with your Pay-As-U-Go permit  which is for Deck 1 paystations.

Q: Where do I get a Rutgers-Newark Parking Permit?  What Credentials Do I Need To Purchase a Permit?

A: All permits are available online and over the counter at Blumenthal Hall Suite 105 (249 University Ave. Newark NJ) during its operating hours. If you are buying your permit over the counter, you MUST BRING the following:

1.) Valid Driver’s License
2.) Motor Vehicle Registration Card
3.) Appointment Letter: FOR NEW EMPLOYEESLetter must indicate Type of Employee and Employee Number
4.) Payment (Cash, Check or Credit Card.  Except American Express cards. Credit Card holder MUST BE PRESENT to process payment for the transaction at the counter.

Q:  Can I Park My Vehicle On Campus Overnight?

A: Resident permit holders can keep their vehicle overnight with their Resident Prepaid RUN-Pass permit in the reserved parking spaces at Deck 1.

Commuter permit holders park on a daily basis and must exit Rutgers-Newark parking facilities prior to 3 am to avoid the $12 overnight charge.  If a commuter permit holder requires staying overnight, they MUST pre-register their vehicle for overnight parking at Deck 1 and pre-pay the overnight fee of $12.00 to avoid receiving citation for overnight parking.

Q: What If I Want To Drive An Alternative Vehicle Other Than The Vehicle Registered to My Permit?

A: You will need to register online the alternative vehicle to your existing permit to avoid a citation. Only one hangtag is issued per customer as only one vehicle per customer is permitted on campus at any given time. Hence, you will need to move your hangtag to the registered vehicle that you will park on campus. You must email your RENTAL or LOANER car information (license plate, make and model) to with the time period you will have the vehicle. Do not display your hangtag to your rental or loaner car.

Q: I Have A Bicycle. Are There Accommodations That Will Ensure Its Safekeeping?

A: Yes, Rutgers-Newark has a Bicycle Park equipped with 24 bike lockers where Rutgers students and employees can safely secure their bicycles.  The bike lockers may be rented for as little as $5.00 per month up to $35.00 per year.  Bicycle racks for daily bike parking are also available nearby each of the academic buildings at no cost.

Q: Where Can Rutgers-Newark Visitors Park?

A: Rutgers-Newark departmental invitees should send an email in advance to  indicating date, place and time of visit including the guest name(s) and their vehicle information (licenses plate number).  The garage supervisor will advise the department hosting the visitor as of the best location to park on campus. Large events with more than 10 attendees should coordinate event parking in advance by sending details of event to

Q: Am I Guaranteed A Parking Space Once I Purchase A Permit?

A: No.  Parking stalls are granted on a first come, first serve basis. We strongly recommend come to campus early (especially during the busy days which is normally on Tuesdays and Thursdays) before your class and give yourself time to park your vehicle.  

Q: Can I Get A Discount With NJ Transit?

A:  Full-time students are eligible to receive a 25% reduced rate for all monthly NJ Transit passes. Rutgers-Newark is conveniently situated between two major rail stations (Broad St. and Newark Penn Station) and amidst most major bus routes. 

Q: Does The University Allow Motorcycles On Campus?

A: Yes.  Motorcycles must be registered the same as any other motorized vehicle.  Motorcycle permits can be registered as your alternative vehicle or as primary vehicle.  Faculty/Staff permit holders including Students with pre-paid permit and employees  can park at the Bradley Lot (Lot 508) and Pay-as-u-go permit holders park in Deck 3.