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The Hill Hall (504A), Smith Hall (504B) and 20 parking spots at Bradley (508) will be CLOSED on Wednesday, 8, 2017 and will REOPEN on Thursday, February 9, 2017 for the Rutgers Board of Governors meeting. All Rutgers Faculty and Staff utilizing the Hill Hall and Smith Hall parking lots are advised to use alternative parking lots: MEC (502),Essex (506) and *Deck 3 garage located at 180 Washington St. corner Raymond Blvd (access card required).

Employees should therefore use alternative routes to park at any of the above-mentioned locations. We apologize for the inconvenience.
* Visit Blumenthal Hall Suite 105 to get access card. 


Commuters with active Prepaid RUN Pass permit or Zone L permit can park at our latest student parking located at 272 New Street (Between Lock St. and Wilsey St.) immediately. Commuters with a Pay-As-You-Go permits must come to the Parking Office and upgrade your permit for a one-time fee of $70 to cover the rest of the year at the “New Street Lot”. There is no daily fee at the lot.

The RUN RUN, Campus Connect and Penn Station Local shuttle bus has stops near this lot In addition, this lot is also easily walked through the NJIT campus (7 minute walk from the Lot to PRCC).



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Violations and Penalties

Parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day throughout the year. The registrant of a vehicle is responsible for all violations of University regulations identified with that vehicle, including violations committed while the vehicle was in the custody of another person. The violations attributable to a vehicle without a permit are the liability of the registered owner of the vehicle and penalties can be applied to associated students if citations remain unanswered.


Classes of Violations

NK79 Counterfeit/stolen or loss permit displayed $300.00
N6 Fradulent registration $250.00
N86 Parked in a handicap stall $250.00
N1 Fradulent use of a permit $100.00
N42 Parked in a marked fire zone $100.00
N3 Boot vehicle fee $50.00
N14 No permit displayed $25.00
N15 No vehicle sticker displayed $25.00
N5 Failure to obey signs and markings $25.00
N7 Failure to move vehicle $25.00
N8 Unauthorized overnight parking $25.00
N85 Parking at unauthorized lot $25.00
N23 Parked outside of marked stall $10.00
N24 Parked in two stalls $10.00
N2 Overtime parking $5.00
N90 Hangtag not displayed $5.00


Fine Payments

Fines are payable in person at the Commuter Transit and Parking Services window, or may be mailed to:

Rutgers University - Newark
Commuter Transit and Parking Services
249 University Avenue - Suite 105
Newark, NJ 07102

Payment in the form of checks or money orders must be made payable to Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Do not mail cash payments. To make a payment online, please refer to the button above "Pay Violations and Penalties". Once at the payment site, click on the link to "Look up a citation to pay". Be careful not to double click the payment links as doing so may result in being charged twice.

Citation payments should be postmarked within ten days of date of issuance; citation notices must accompany payments. A late payment fee of $5 is assessed on citations not paid within the first twenty-day period. An additional $5 penalty is assessed for payments not received within the first thirty days.

Faculty or staff members with unsatisfied citations at the beginning of each permit year will be refused vehicle registration privileges until all citations are paid. Students with unsatisfied citations risk holds on records, transcripts, and diplomas, and can be denied academic registration for the following year.

Excessive violations exist whenever five or more citations have been posted to an annual record and fines remain unsatisfied. Vehicles with five or more outstanding citations are subject to removal by towing, at the owner’s expense.


Towing of Vehicles

Vehicles are subject to towing for any violation of parking or registration rules. Vehicles will be towed if they interfere with the efficient operation of traffic or parking, and for accumulation of five or more unanswered citations. All tow and storage charges are the responsibility of the vehicle owner. Contact University Police at (973)353-5581 for information regarding towed vehicles.